Face Protection

V-Gard® Accessory System Kits

V-Gard Accessory System Kits are designed to offer easy customer solutions for a variety of needs, all in one convenient box.  V-Gard Cap and Accessory System Kit contents: * White V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps * V-Gard PC Visor, clear  V-Gard Accessory System Kit contents: *  V-Gard Universal Frame for Caps *  V-Gard PC Visor, clear (NOTE: does not contain a MSA Safety Helmet)  V-Gard Accessory System Forestry Kit contents: * Hi-viz orange V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps with Debris Control * V-Gard Mesh Visor Nitrometer * V-Gard Retractable Chin Protector * Left/RIGHT, HIGH (NRR 28 db) Cap-Mounted Earmuffs   V-Gard Accessory System Arc Protection Kits * White V-Gard Cap with ratchet suspension (PN 475358). * V-Gard Frame for Slotted Caps, with debris control (PN 10115730). * V-Gard Arc Nitrometer with V-Gard Standard Chin Protector (PN 10118480); must be assembled by user and worn together to achieve calorie rating.  
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V-Gard® Flat Polycarbonate Visors

Our durable polycarbonate visors offer superior protection from flying debris, splash, or spray. Engineered wider than other visors, ours provide improved resistance when it matters most. All V-Gard visors for general purpose can be worn with Cap-mounted ear muffs.
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