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When working in fire & rescue environment, it is essential to have a good view of any potential hazards and risks. Short, medium and long range, MSA helmet mounted flashlights cover all firefighter needs.

Part Number


Length: 179.000 MM (7.047 IN)
Width: 46.000 MM (1.811 IN)
Height: 48.000 MM (1.890 IN)
Weight: 0.160 KG (0.353 LB)

Lamp XS

Length: 151.000 MM (5.945 IN)
Width: 39.000 MM (1.535 IN)
Height: 37.000 MM (1.457 IN)
Weight: 0.070 KG (0.154 LB)

AS-R rechargeable lamp, w/o charger

Length: 154.000 MM (6.063 IN)
Width: 45.000 MM (1.772 IN)
Height: 57.000 MM (2.244 IN)
Weight: 0.180 KG (0.397 LB)

Lamp XPS for helmet, LED

Length: 152.000 MM (5.984 IN)
Width: 41.000 MM (1.614 IN)
Height: 43.000 MM (1.693 IN)
Weight: 0.110 KG (0.243 LB)
  • Hands free operation with light always directed  to the target
  • ATEX approved for use in hazardous areas
  • Constant LED illumination over nominal burn time
  • Specific helmet attachment, safe and angle adjustable, ergonomic position on lower part of helmet
  • Robust, compact and functional lamp design
  • Variety of performance and operating concepts for different applications
  • Water resistant or water proof according to the model
Markets: Fire Service, Oil & Gas
Applications: Search & Rescue, Confined Space, Firefighting
  • Light intensity: 32 lumens (XP and XP LED), 8.9 lumens (XS)
  • Burn time: 4 hours (XP), 32 hours (XP LED), 130 hours (XS)

Approvals subject to change without notice and may differ based on configuration, part number and/or country.
Contact Customer Service or check approval label on product for specific approval information.