2602A Zero Two Series Control Module for H2S Applications

The 2602A is a single-channel H2S Control Module that has been designed to monitor H2S in parts per million (ppm) levels and provide status indication and alarm outputs. Microprocessor-based electronics allow all options to be user selectable through front panel interface (mode / select switch and digital display). The digital display on the 2602A indicates hydrogen sulfide gas concentration, fault codes, calibration cues and setup options. Other features include LED indications of status, relay outputs for fault, low alarm and high alarm, and serial communications ports.
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  • RS-485 serial communications via General Monitors Model CC02A Communications module
  • Digital display provides visual indication of alarm status and setup cues
  • LED status indication provides visual indication of fault and status
  • Relay, open collector alarm and fault outputs for multi-function use
  • User setup, setup check modes make configurations easy to setup or change
  • Password option for tamper-proof operation
  • Conforms with ISA performance standards meeting the most demanding performance expectations