GALLET F2XR Rescue Helmet

A new era of head protection

In a rapidly changing world, MSA continues to set the standard for state-of-the-art head protection. Prepare to meet the helmet platform that adapts to new dangers.

Designed for the challenges of a shifting climate, it’s the only helmet of its kind. Tested and certified for wildland firefighting, technical rescue, urban search and rescue, climbing, and water rescue, the GALLET F2XR is here.


Meet the helmet platform that adapts to new dangers

In a world affected by climate change, the modern firefighter must be ready to face the unknown. Unfamiliar hazards are part of the new normal, requiring exceptional preparedness and protection without compromise, no matter the circumstance. Whatever comes next, whenever it’s needed.


One helmet for multiple rescue missions

Setting the new standard for head protection across multiple applications, the GALLET F2XR was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the fire and rescue services across the globe who are tackling the challenges of climate change. Modular and lightweight, it’s the first helmet of its kind – suitable for diverse rescue operations and ready to take on future challenges.

Wildland Firefighting

Wildland fires are on the rise, increasing in numbers whilst becoming more difficult to control. These longer, often deadlier interventions call for a helmet that’s optimised for extended periods of use in hot environments.

The GALLET F2XR has an optional vented base on the top and sides and is fully breathable to aid wearer comfort on long-duration missions in high temperatures. Meanwhile, the new responder goggles quickly and easily attach to the helmet, utilising intuitive on/off positions and providing a tight fit on the face to make the most of their critical eye protection function.

Technical Rescue

Technical rescue missions in the age of our changing climate can be unpredictable and require first responders to act with the utmost caution. To provide the necessary support in these volatile environments, the GALLET F2XR features superior eye and face protection to guard against arc flash injuries and other hazards.

The helmet’s integrated ocular visor with individual height and depth adjustments adapts to the face of the wearer. It’s made to be versatile and adaptable in multi-hazard environments, just like the first responder wearing it.

Urban Search and Rescue

Urban search and rescue missions are on the rise. Responding to crises in unstable conditions, it’s critical for first responders to be able to quickly adapt to hazardous and often unpredictable circumstances. The GALLET F2XR is the ideal helmet solution for USAR missions, providing reliable protection no matter the situation.

Improving safety when the stakes are high, the helmet is equipped with innovative features that helps you see and be seen, such as the integrated headlamp. This lighting module provides both proximity and spot beam functionality, as well as a tail light with three colours, which makes first responders more visible even when retroreflective stickers aren’t enough.

Rescue at Height

More natural disasters, from earthquakes and avalanches to extreme weather events like hurricanes, are occurring every year as a result of global warming. As a consequence, first responders are more frequently called to rescue missions at height.

Equipment that’s optimised and adaptable for applications at height is key to undertaking missions like these safely. The GALLET F2XR, with its powerful lighting module and hearing protection with integrated communication system, is ready to take on long-lasting height rescue missions with optimal safety.

Water Rescue

Rising water levels are putting urban and rural areas all over the world at an increasingly high risk of flooding, and fire and rescue services need to be prepared to respond. In order to rescue victims during floods or other interventions on rivers, emergency responders require helmets that are approved for wear on both non-motorised and motorised boats and suitable for water rescue.

The GALLET F2XR with its innovative accessories, such as integrated ocular visor and modular waterproof ear protection covers, is suitable for flood rescue missions and uniquely approved for use on motorised boats.


Innovations in head protection

The GALLET F2XR is the result of innovation in fire helmet technology from MSA’s expert fire equipment engineers. Considering customer needs and taking the design beyond what had been possible for rescue helmets of the past, the F2XR marks a new era of head protection.



Helmet Cleaning & Care

Cleaning and disinfecting firefighter PPE is essential, and that’s why we’ve made it easy to optimise the care and maintenance of your GALLET F2XR.

The F2XR was designed with high-quality one-piece soft materials that are easily removed. The helmet can be disassembled and reassembled in no-time, for swift and efficient cleaning, inspection, and replacing of parts.

Adapting to the highest hygiene standards for our equipment, the entire helmet is also machine washable (see cleaning guidelines for details).


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