SMC 2450 Facility Environment Controller

The SMC 2450 Facility Environment Controller is designed to manage HVAC controls, environmental alarms, and manage rigorous personnel safety requirements of controlled environment vaults (CEVs) and walk-in cabinets. The SMC 2450 also monitors CEVs for the presence of combustible and toxic gases and automatically initiates ventilation when an alarm threshold is exceeded.

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  • Application Specific Software - execute full HVAC control of structures for a precisely controlled and safe environment for telecommunication equipment and personnel
  • Environmental Control with Integral Gas Detection - monitor hazardous gas environments and control HVAC units with lead/lag and demand logic
  • Operator Friendly Control Panel - easily operate controls through a fluorescent front panel keypad and display
  • Convenient Computer Interface - integral data port and modem allow bi-directional communication to handheld devices or remote computers for diagnostics, set point management and reporting